Basic Wood Turning January 12


Date and Time: Jan 12, 8:30 to 4:30

Continental Breakfast and Lunch Provided

Course outline: Pen Turning 101

Create 2 pens from the woods of your choice while learning the basics of woodturning.

Pen turning boils down to turning a cylinder. The body, consisting of one or more blanks, is bored and fitted with a brass cylinder, mounted to a lathe, and then turned, finished, and assembled.

Course     Outline:   Introduction    to     Wood Turning

Day 1

  1. Shop safety: Review on how to protect your lungs, eyes, ears and fingers.
  2. Discussion on wood Turning, its origins, it’s evolution and its increasing popularity.
  3. The Lathe, discussion on types, models with focus on home shop requirements.
  4. Chucks and other holding devices,
  5. Chisels and gouges. How to use and sharpen. Introduction to carbide.
  6. Demonstration on the different cuts we use.
  7. Class Turning. We will set up 7 lathes to practice the basic cuts. Cylinder, cove and bead.
  8. Pen Turning Demo on mounting pen blanks on a mandrel and turning the blanks.
  9. Students will select the two pen styles they will be creating. One will be a Slimline and the other a more advanced model
  10. Drilling and gluing. We will drill the wood blanks and epoxy the brass tubes.


  1. Lunch: Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza
  2. Pen Turning, We will square up the pen blanks using the drill press and pen mill. Mount and complete on the pen mandrel.
  3. Sand and finish on the lathe.
  4. Assembly using the pen press
  5. Pen # 2 Repeat step #12.
  6. Shop clean up.
  7. Group photo




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