Box Making 101 March 2-3


Date and Time:  Mar 2-3 Dec . 8:30 to 4:30

Our Location: 5400 SW 196th Lane

Southwest Ranches, FL 33332


Continental Breakfast and Lunch Provided

Course outline:Box Making Basics

Learn to build beautiful, functional boxes from award winning box maker Donald R. Boudreau You will be guided step by step through the process to build 2 beautiful boxes which are yours to keep.

Student must have completed the Introduction to Woodworking course or demonstrated proficiency in the use of power tools.


Why Boxes? As George Carlin said, ” We need some place to put our stuff”.

Day 1

  1. Shop safety: Review on how to protect your lungs, eyes, ears and fingers.
  2. Box making: Form versus function. The golden ratio.
  3. Anatomy of a box: Discussion on types of box construction with samples of typical joinery. Types of hinges used in box making.
  4. Box #1 We will select a blank and cut rabbets for the corners and a dado for the bottom. After installing the bottom we will glue up the box carcass and clamp with rubber bands.
  5. Building the top.: Designing a top to complement your box. Veneering, inlays or other options.
  6. Lunch: Provided
  7. Installing dowels: Providing the glue has dried, we will dril holes to install dowel pegs through the rabbeted corners.
  8. Fitting the top: Sanding and cutting to size for final fit,
  9. Optional Lining: How fit and install a cloth lining to your box.
  • Select the stock for Box #2 Joint, and plane to 7/16 inch thickness
  • Cut veneer to size and place in the vacuum press
  • Cutting stock for box #2: We will use chalk to mark each piece to maintain the figure match.

Day 2

  1. Discussion of the Dovetail Spline. on our second project we will be using the Dovetail spline joint.
  2. Preparing the tops. Remove the tops from vacuum press and sand smooth
  3. Cutting slots for the top and bottom on the router table
  4. Assemble box, check for square and glue up with Titebond 3 glue
  5. Cut the dovetail slots through the mitered box side
  6. Install dovetail splines
  7. Lunch: Provided
  8. Cut the dovetail joints flush and sand smooth.
  9. Cut box apart on an 19″ band saw.
  • Cut slots for the barbed hinges on the router table
  • Chamfer back 45deg on the router table to create a stop.
  • Install hinges
  • Route slot for knob. Install knob
  • Add dividers, lining, finish etc
  • Shop clean up.
  • Group photo



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