Introduction to Woodworking Jan 5-6


Date and Time: Jan 5-6 8:30 to 4:30

Our Location: 5400 SW 196th Lane

Southwest Ranches, FL 33332


Continental Breakfast and Lunch Provided

Course outline:Introduction to Woodworking


  1. Wood: Hardwood vs softwood. How wood is milled. How wood is sold. Domestic vs exotic. Wood hardness. Selecting lumber.
  2. Shop safety: How to protect your lungs, eyes, ears and fingers.
  3. Hand tools: How to use and sharpen basic hand tools.
  4. Power tools: discussion and demonstration of the many power tools found in our shop with the emphasis on safety.
  5. Measuring: How to use basic measuring tools with an introduction to digital.
  6. Drilling: Discussion and demonstration of all the different types of drill bits used in woodworking.
  7. Lunch: Provided
  8. Joinery: Discussion with examples of some of the joints used in woodworking.
  9. Adhesives: Discussion of the many types of glues and used in woodworking.
  10. Abrasives: How to select the correct type of abrasive for your project.
  11. Finishing: Different types of finishes and how to apply them.

Day 2

  1. Stock preparation: Demonstration on how to prepare rough cut lumber using the jointer, planer and table saw.
  2. Cutting board: Each student will glue up and clamp a laminated cutting board using domestic hardwoods.
  3. Fiddle bow bread knife: Each student will prepare the stock, trace the pattern and cut to shape on the band saw. Further shaping will be done on the router table and drum sander.
  4. Lunch provided
  5. Finishing the cutting board. Flattening the cutting board using the planer and belt sander
  6. Selecting the final shape for the cutting board
  7. Cut board to final shape and sand to 220 grit or better.
  8. Put radius on all edges using router.
  9. Finish cutting board and bread knife with food grade mineral oil.
  10. Discussion on shop planning. Tool selection. Lighting. Dust collection.
  11. Group photo.


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