There has never been anything like this new Steampunk inspired pen. With its unparalleled level of detail and striking design, it is a must have creation for any Steampunk enthusiast or collector. The Steampunk genre has re-ignited a love of old-fashioned materials and is all about mixing the old and new; fusing the usability of modern technology with the design aesthetic and philosophy of the Victorian age. The Pen Mechanism: Inspired by the steam engine, the pen reliably extends and retracts using a steampump action click mechanism. The pen end is typical of the steampunk style, the pen end features an intricately casted Victorian clock surrounded by gears and pipes – incorporating an unparalleled level of ornate detail. The Pen Tip is a shapely, machined tip that is decorated with leaf trim and has a waist with machined through-holes that give view into the inside of the pen. The Pen Clip is curved, machined and precision-engineered with routed edges, through-holes, and rivets. The pen is plated with a mixture of industrialized Antique Pewter and Antique Brass finishes.

Finished with 6 coats of Cyanoacrylate and polished to a high gloss.

Ancient Kauri is the oldest workable wood in the world. It comes from New Zealand, where has been buried underground for over 50,000 years! Ancient Kauri shows extraordinary grain qualities not found in any other species.

Gift box included.


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