Hi Donald, I received the tea box over Christmas and it is beautiful! Thank you so much; it will be a pleasure to have on my table!
Best Regards, Carol Covington
Hobocken NJ

Hi Donald,

I wanted to thank you for making my 37th birthday extra special. I treated myself to one of your jewelry boxes, and am sooo glad I did so.

Your craftsmanship is superb. Equally impressive is the professionalism of your website; it was super easy to order from you, and the gorgeous box was delivered very promptly. Keep up the great work!!!

PS My box is the one that’s top is made of Koa wood, and has a beautiful natural diamond pattern in the wood. I love it.

Thank you, Amalia

Hi Don,

The box we ordered arrived and we are thrilled with it. It truly is a work of art. It’s a gift for our architect son for his 40th birthday March 26. We know he will also appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of his gift. Thanks for doing your part to make the world a more beautiful place and for allowing us to share in the joy of giving a gift worth giving and receiving.

Judy & Don Teal

Hi Don,

Received my fabulous creation from you! Thanks much for such a work of art. Can’t wait til the others receive theirs.

Jim Brown
Independence Advisors

Wanted to let you know we received our box today and we are thrilled with the craftsmanship and its beauty. It is absolutely perfect.

Thanks so much

Terry and Max Neal

Dear Don,

The box came out truly beautiful. I can’t wait to give it to him. I’m going to engrave something on the back now, good thing I have one of those tools as well. Didn’t send out the message to you on time… Thank you so very much for having done this piece for me and for being so willing to work with me. You captured exactly what I was looking for!



I have sent out the picture you took of the trophy base to many people. I have to let you know what some of the comments are.

Wow, Beautiful and Great are the most frequently heard, but when I hear Elegant, Stunning, Outstanding, I know that the viewer is speaking of the trophy as a whole. Many have even mentioned the base alone as being all of those. Every time I look at it I’m pleased at the work of art you created.

Thanks again. Good luck in Chicago.

Mary Maguire
Sebastian Florida

Dear Mr. Boudreau,
Your package arrived earlier this week….just in time for the holiday company to admire it and put it to good tea-use. The tea caddy with custom removable dividers is absolutely beautiful. I am honored to have a representation of your work and will cherish it.

Thank you, Lynn

Yes, it showed up on time, and my husband loves it! We have a cousin who builds musical instruments, and when he saw the wood he was most impressed and took your card.

It may be just a box, but it’s a work of art and I’m happy my husband has a place for his things. A place he lost in our fire.

Thank you!


Hi Don,

Received the “Tea Box” yesterday. There is only one thing I can say……………….Awesome !

I can’t believe your wife let it go. What a magnificent heirloom piece. Your attention to detail, your craft and service are truly magnificent.

I know that when she opens it at our holiday party, all my kids are going to be making bids on who it will go to someday. But until then, it will grace our dining table and be enjoyed thoroughly every day.

One more time, thank you.

PS I guess our next project will be to find something for you to craft for each of my children.

And PPS, I know you don’t need referrals, but should the occasion every occur, that I could
provide a reference for your work,I would be honored.

Cordially yours, Dan Feuer
Larkspur Colorado

Hi Don,

It just occurred to me that I never communicated how much my wife loved the jewelry box. Every night when she takes her jewelry off and places it in the box, she comments how beautiful it is. Thanks!

Harry Rice
Wayzata, MN

Box arrived and it is beautiful. We still marvel at your beautiful work. Now we really puzzled as to display. It is so beautiful we hesitate to display it with Jewelry. We think a burglar will take the box and leave the Jewelry!! Keep us posted on your activities and think of writing up a book on your sailing adventures. Did you keep a diary? That would help in writing a book!!

Best, Martin Brossman
Washington DC

With all the chaos of preparing for the meeting, I neglected to let you know how impressed we are with your work. THANK YOU! I will certainly try to use you again in the future and will speak of your work to anyone who is looking for a true piece of art.


Deborah S. Malone
Group Executive Vice President

Mr. Boudreau …

I received the valet that we will be presenting to our outgoing Delegate the first weekend in Dec. and all I can say is that is so elegant and beautiful, but so manly at the same time.

I can hardly wait to hear from the receiver of this wonderful lifetime treasure. This valet was definitely created from the heart.

Thanks for taking the love, time and effort to make this possible.

I will let you know how the receiver feels after the presentation.

Thanks Again, Ken Cole
Area 69 Alternate Delegate

Don, I gave the boxes to my co-workers yesterday at a lunch. They were absolutely amazed at the boxes and very excited. My goal at the outset was to create a one of a kind gift that would say “Thank You!” for 10 years of friendship while we were working together. I will tell you that this goal was definitely achieved! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for taking on this project. I know that myself and my two co-workers will display the boxes with pride. I did give them both your card and marketing literature so maybe there will be some more business down the line! I look forward to seeing you in person in September at the Atlanta Arts Festival.

Best Regards Mike


My husband received his cufflink box and we were both very pleased! Thank you so much for the extra effort and the beautiful work.

Regards, Tiffany Beard

Don, Just received my Keepsake Box. It’s magnificent! The pictures don’t do it justice. You are a craftsman and an artist of extraordinary talent . Thank you once again, and Happy New Year to you & yours.


The jewelry box arrived safely. As with our previous three purchases, the workmanship of this box is striking. We are so pleased with your craftsmanship and look forward to our next purchase.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Best wishes, Ron Ballentine
Oviedo, FL

Dear Donald,
Your boxes are beyond beautiful- artistic and finely crafted. If I knew Pres.Obama personally, I would give him one.
I make wool rugs, therefore I appreciate the design and workmanship that you put into your boxes.

Sincerely, Martie Blanchard

Dear Donald,
I ordered a box from you last month and thought it was just beautiful. For some reason I feel compelled to share with you it’s purpose. I suppose it is because my grandmother is an artist and I know how much it means to her to know her art is valued. I ordered a keepsake ring box for my 16 year old son. He lost his older brother 6 years ago and his dad 1 year ago, which leaves him in a family of mom and sisters now. He has really been struggling this year and I had been searching for something to help ease his pain. The idea of giving him his brother’s high school class ring and his dad’s college class ring occured to me, but I didn’t know how to present them. Your box was the answer! It now sits beside his bed and has seemed to bring comfort to him. The box will be in our family forever.

Thank you, Wendy Fisher


The box arrived safely this past week. It is perfect and made all the more special by the message burned into the bottom. Thank you for suggesting that. I am excited to give the gift this coming Sunday.

Katie Roach
New Canaan CT


I received the box yesterday, and I was awed by the sheer artistry of your creation! The clean classic lines of the box itself emphasize the individual grain pattern of each wood, thus highlighting the natural beauty and color of each. The simple lines of the box are perfectly balanced by the ingeniously designed legs (which for some reason, evokes in me images of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural details). The grain of the snakewood complements the design, adding just the right touch of whimsy! This is definitely one work of art in which the overall design and unique attributes of each wood do not overpower each other, but rather achieve an understated elegance that is rarely seen (and which makes the box look very, very expensive!).

Thank you for sharing your talent. I will definitely look forward to seeing more of your creations.

Galveston, TX

As soon as I saw that I could pay by Pay Pal I jumped on it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so excited to finally own a man box of my own! Honestly, I’ve wanted something like that since I was a teenager, though I never imagined that I’d ever find one so beautiful. I loved every one of the examples that you had on display. I could have easily chosen any of them and been happy with it, but this Boudreau Box also happens to match the furniture that my wife picked out. I’m currently using an old Maguires car wax box as my man box. It’s not nearly as beautiful as this one though and it never went with the furniture so my wife has never liked it. I think she’ll be happy to see its new replacement. ๐Ÿ™‚

I got worried when I saw from your newsletter that the box I wanted was your featured box. I thought for sure it would be sold before I could get my credit cards in the mail. Camphor burl just happens to be one of my favorite burls. (My second favorite is Amboyna burl.) So my timing in discovering your business couldn’t have been any better. And the discount just sweetened the deal. Thank you!

Thank you for the well wishes too. I’m staying safe so far. I only have two more months to go. We’ve been pretty lucky so far: just a bunch of unsuccessful rocket and mortar attacks, but it’s summer and insurgents like to work when the weather is nice so business will probably pick up soon. Still, I think my chances are better here than on the California highways. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the wonderful box Don. I will treasure it! Don’t worry about rushing it to me since I’m not going to be home for a little while. Oh! And if possible can you not put the receipt in the package. I squirrel money away and it’s best if my wife doesn’t know how much because she’ll just try to intercept it in the future for things that aren’t nearly as cool.

Take care.

Brian Balad

Dear Donald,

I wanted to let you know that I received the rosewood and olive ash burl valet box yesterday. Itโ€™s beautiful and looks fantastic in my home.

Thank you, Nadine
San Carlos, CA

Hi Donald

I received my little baby today, it’s AMAZING, I love it, it is so beautiful, thanks for having such wonderful hands, skills, talent and taste (very important). I’m in love with that box and I will cherish it forever!!

Veronika Brandhuber
Stamford, CT

Hi Don!

I received the box that you sent today and just wanted to thank you! It is perfect and exactly what I have been looking for!

Sincerely, Lauren Schneider
Carmichael CA

Mr. Boudreau,

I just received the jewelry box that I ordered and wanted to thank you.

The box is beautiful, particularly since so few things are made by hand these days. I look forward to having it around for a long, long time.

Sincerely, Jorge Espada
Somerville MA

Hi Donald!

Iโ€™m still getting all sorts of compliments on the examples of your work from visitors to our home! Theyโ€™re works of art I admire every time I see them. I have a favor to ask of you. Considering their value, Iโ€™ve decided to include the three boxes Iโ€™ve purchased from you as specific items in my home insurance, but I failed to hang onto the original invoices for the purchases. If you still have that info in your system, would you be able to pull up the original invoices for the boxes Iโ€™ve purchased from you in the past and email them to me? If so, it would be most appreciated.

Best regards, Dan

Dear Donald … Ever since my first purchase from you many months ago, I’ve admired your fine craftsmanship and eye for design. Your boxes stand alone. The fact that each is unique just adds to their appeal. I purchased two boxes from you this time, as my wife was in need for one as well … plus I don’t think she’d forgive me if I “only” bought another one for myself!!
I look forward to viewing your future creations! One favor … Would it be possible to forward the full size jpeg’s of the two boxes I just ordered? The small photos on your website don’t really do them justice, and I’d like the full sized shots for my insurance files. Much appreciated!

Best regards, Dan

Don – It’s even more gorgeous in person. I love it and Doug’s going to love it too. It really is the size I was looking for as well. Thanks so much for finding that for me. The engraving looks great, give your wife a big hug from me ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL

Finally, thanks again for the wonderful deal. I will keep your site saved as a favorite and check you out in the future if I need something else, k?

Have a wonderful day, Katy

Hi Don,

I received my jewelry box today, and as I was expecting……..it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! Please continue to keep me posted of your items.

I sincerely hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Wendy Power
Evergreen CO


I received the jewelry box yesterday and it is quite impressive. Very nice work. Thanks for the outstanding service. Have a great Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


Donald, Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that my daughter, Jennifer was thrilled to get the box you made. She had no idea that a little box like that could be so beautiful. Please keep up the good work and hopefully one day I will be buying one from you for my Granddaughter. Thanking you again, Sam.

Sam Matthews
Dave's Construction Service, Inc.