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This Steampunk pen is one that I handmade using genuine watch parts, the watch face, the cogs and gears are all from old watches and pocket watches. The tube is fitted with a woven carbon fiber sleeve which adds depth to the pen, the blank is then cast in resin and left to cure. It is then mounted on my lathe and hand turned, sanded and polished to a glass like finish.
This High end ballpoint pen is fitted with a black Parker type refill that is operated by a gentle twist of the pen body. Changing the cartridge is done by pulling the pen apart and unscrewing the back.
The sleek lines of this 10 carat gold Sierra twist pen enhance the hand cast “Steampunk” watch parts pen. Authentic vintage pinions and gears are visible through the clear resin casting. A unique gift that will be a surefire conversation starter.

Gift box included.


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