This elegant watch box is made from African sapele pomelle. The sides are joined by wenge dovetail splines .The top is a veneered panel rare birds eye zebrawood with a zebrawood border inlay. The legs are Gabon ebony. The lift tab is bocote. The legs are Gabon ebony. Bottom lined with espresso pigskin.
The lid is attached with Highpoint ®  solid brass hinges. The removable dividers are sapele.Designed with extra height for “jumbo Watches”. Comes with 8 hand sewn black watch pillows. Watches not included.
All the woods used have their natural finish.

The box has a hand rubbed Osmo ® polyx-oil finish, a combination of vegetable oils and waxes.
No stains or dyes are used. Each box is signed and all the woods used are listed on the bottom.
They are: sapele; wenge; zebrawood; bocote and Gabon ebony.

Size………..12 x  8 x 4

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